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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 23, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> it polarizing anniversary. 39 years ago today the supreme court legalized abortion and today tens of thousands are marking the anniversary of roe versus wade with a big message for washington. jummy olabanji is live on the national mall with more on the story. >> good afternoon.
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this rally began very early this morning at the rise and center. now it continued to the national mall. you can look and see. thousands of people have gathered and they will continue to gather as they make their way over to the supreme court building. they say their message is very simple -- it is time for abortion to stop. >> people are going to wonder why. >> this morning, thousands of pro life supporters gathered at the horizon center to mark the beginning of the annual march for life in washington. events included a rally concert, and mass. >> standing up today for the unborn, those who cannot stand up for themselves, the ones who do not have a voice. >> tens of thousands are expected to march to the national mall to the supreme court to protest against the court's controversial decision to legalize abortion in the 1973 roe v wade case. dawn can still remember hearing the news. >> i was a freshman in 1973 when
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it became law, and i remember being a 13 year old in my class thinking this cannot be. how did this law about? >> thousands of pro-choice advocates are also expected to march to the supreme court this afternoon. they are planning a peaceful vigil in support of abortion. both sides are passionate about what they believe is right and they say rallies like these are important. >> life is important at all stages and we need to protect that life. >> house speaker john boehner is expected to address the crowd here and later on this afternoon they will then make their way over to the supreme court building. the pro-choice demonstrators are also expected to be at the supreme court. their demonstration starts later on this afternoon. live on the national mall, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. we do have more details. tonight, supporters of the roe v wade decision will hold a rally celebrating the anniversary
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5:00 p.m. outside the supreme court. it is sponsored by the national organization of women. all day long, the marches cause and lots of street closures. details on those are on our website some breaking news we are following this morning in temple hills. where a woman is dead after being struck by a car in a parking lot of an elementary school. this happened at samuel chase elementary on fisher road just within the past hour. prince george's county fire officials tell us the woman died after the vehicle struck her and pinter and debate. authorities on the scene. we will bring more details as soon as they come into the newsroom. a severe storm ripped through central alabama, leaving a long trail of destruction. this is the scene in birmingham. debris was thrown across the city. severe weather also prompted tornado warnings in a handful of states. arkansas -- heavy rain and strong thunderstorms coupled with hail and high winds.
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at least two people were killed in the storms and more than 180 injured. tens of thousands of homes and businesses are badly damaged. in our region, winter were raised caused a slow start to the work week. thousands of students and family -- federal employees started a few hours late today. john gonzalez was among those up early monitoring the roads. >> many parking lots, sidewalks and stairwells, are still an ac mess but yet roads and highways are mainly just what. was the federal government's decision to give the employees a two-hour delay justified? >> i would say better save than sorry. >> i was looking earlier and there were -- >> opinions have varied. she says the last thing she wants in a cold, wet fog today is to take chances. >> especially after last year with this club -- snow storm, we had a lot of problems traveling
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on the road and the buses. >> dozens of tow trucks began trading main road was this morning, preventing a rephrase as a deep fog and cold drizzle blanketed the region and most commuters took precautions especially around the springfield mixing bowl. >> started this morning, warmed up and got the ice off -- i remember 2008. >> then there are those like george from connecticut who does not understand what he calls an overreaction. >> the government was shut down until 11:00 this morning. i looked out the window and i said you got to be kidding. i don't see snow. this is silly. >> the potential rephrasing on the roadways might be over but there are still problems when have lingering ice. when you have these sheets of ice on top of cars, as the temperatures climb, these can become dangerous problems if you are too close behind. >> it has to be one of the most annoying to lazy things you can do. stuff blew off the truck had a car in front of me, and you have
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little ice storms flying at it. >> john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> frustrating. thank you, john. rising temperatures turned the morning freeze to a what outlook. adam caskey has a look at the first forecast. >> we still have dense fog -- one advisory still in effect. but we do have a freezing rain and buys the hanging on until 1:00 p.m., far northwest. look at the map. this is mainly for the valleys nokes and crannies in a few neighborhoods. some of the valley's could see temperatures at or a degree below freezing. just a few spots. a notice live super doppler seven showing rain moving into prince william fairfax county -- moving to the northeast. we will continue to see widespread rain later on. i will talk more about temperatures later. >> thank you adam. and man is in good condition after being trapped in an
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overturned a delivery truck carrying hazardous chemicals. it happened in laytonsville. has met crews were called to check reports of a diesel fuel spill. the man was successfully rescued and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. it is not clear what exactly caused it. the developing story out of nashville, a u.s. senator was detained by the tsqa. rand paul set off a security alarm refuse to be patted down. one of the go through the body scanner again. he has been an outspoken critic of security measures and is the son of republican presidential candidate ron paul. the kentucky senator was reportedly heading to d.c. to speak at the march for life rally. the u.s. supreme court justice ruled that police need a warrant to track criminal suspects with gps. it stems from a d.c. man's
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prosecution on drug conspiracy charges. gps helped authorities link the nightclub owner to a home where he stashed money and drugs. eight appeals court overturned the conviction because police used gps to track without a judge's approval. an emotional week and at penn state university, where students have been gathering at the statue of joe paterno. the legendary football coach died this weekend from lung cancer. later today, his family is expected to announce funeral arrangements. scott gilbert has the details. >> in state college pennsylvania students like to chant we are penn state. >>no one could make the claim literally, except a man demoralized by this bronze statue joe paterno. >> he was what he live by. built tradition. >> now penn state can't help be something less after paternal died over the weekend from lung
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cancer. >> he had a great impact on the community, at this campus, the world. >> he started as head football coach in 1966 and quickly turned the nittany lions international force -- his motto was victory with honor and he demanded success in the classroom, too. he gave his own money to save the school classics department and turned away offers to leave for the pros. >> i stayed because i felt this is where i would be happier and i could do more good. been in his last months, for turnout was also woven into the schools darkest hour when his former assistants jerry sandusky was charged with multiple counts of child abuse. >> mr. paterno is no longer the football coach. >> he was fired and criticized for telling school administrators what he knew, but not the police. and students exploded, knowing their hero and school was tarnished. >> i think it will take some time before any of us can decide exactly what his legacy is going to be. >> joe paterno died just 84 days
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after he coached his last game. some say he died of heartbreak. the man who was penn state said in the end i wish i had done more. abc news, new york. them a major turning point in our road to recovery -- >> a major turning point in her road to recovery. this will be there braille difference last day on the job. >> i have more to do on my recovery. so, to do what is best for arizona, i will step down this week. >> giffords, who released a video announcing her resignation late yesterday. today she will finish the meet and greet political event that was interrupted a year ago by a deadly shooting spree, meeting privately with some of the people at the event where gup -- a gunman sick -- killed 16 people -- killed six people and wounded others. president obama's state of the
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union address focus will be the economy. he is expected to outline an economic blueprint around manufacturing, energy, and education. the white house said the president will also talk about the wealthy pay more in taxes. last year 43 million americans watched the speech. we will carry live right here on abc 7 news. to the race for the white house, where the gloves are off for republican candidates in the lead up to next week's florida primary. the state is not a must-win said she was in for mitt romney and he is turning up the heat on his chief rival newt gingrich. -- must-win situation for mitt romney. >> a multi front of salt to stop newt gingrich's momentum. yesterday he slammed his record as speaker. >> at the end of four years, the was proven he was a fail leader and he had to resign in disgrace. >> today he repeated his call for his rival to release records about his work for mortgage
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provider freddie mac. >> if a walked like a duck and it is a duck. but he says he is nothing to hide. >> i am comfortable with it being released. >> after days of pressure romney will release his 2010 and his estimated 2011 tax returns tomorrow. in an interview with fox news yesterday he acknowledged it created a distraction. >> we made a mistake holding off that long as we did. >> every day on the trail is critical because every day is essentially election day, thanks to florida's early voting. nearly a quarter million votes have already been cast and the mitt romney campaign is feeling good given his lead in the polls before his loss in south carolina. mitt romney has a massive campaign war chest and a huge organization already in place. it looks like a two-man race for the republican nomination but rick santorum could be the spoiler to pull conservative votes away from newt gingrich. he said yesterday he is not throwing in the towel.
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>> all up and down the state of florida. >> the gingrich campaign said it raised $1 million in the 24 hours after his south carolina win. they are hoping to ride this wave of momentum to campaign cash. abc news washington. >> thank you so much, karen. new at noon, testimony under way for a hearing -- in a hearing for john hinckley, who wants to spend more time away from the hospital where he has been after attending to kill president ronald reagan in 1981. hinckley's dr. supported extended visits but prosecutors however, say he is still a danger and to remain hospitalized. coming up -- disaster at sea. divers back searching for the missing as concerns grow over an ego disaster. then a new scam about your bank the cat -- bank account. seven is on your side with an fbi warning. and metro, get ready for delays
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for the... and receive $25 off youregegistrategn fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. >> divers resume their search for the missing 10 days after the deadly crew should accident off the coast of italy. today authorities will decide whether to shift the efforts from rescue to recovery. 13 people are confirmed dead and 19 people still missing. meantime, concerns are growing over a potential oil leak. crews have put booms in place to stop the spread of fuel oil, a kitchen will even sewage chemicals. seven is on your side with a warning about a new scheme to steal your money. the fbi says the latest scam
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tells people something is wrong with their bank accounts. they send spam e-mails that appear to be from an agency like the federer reserve or fdic, and you were set to fix a link to fix the account but the link to a funny website that downloads malware to steal your banking information. three american airlines crewmembers are hurt after a scary flight from south america. a mass of turbulence hit the flight traveling from brazil to miami yesterday. passengers say an entire food court flew into the air and then smashed a hole in the ceiling. passengers reported thinking the plane was going to crash. the flight landed safely just after 6:30 p.m. last night. it had 135 people on board. " we members were taken to the hospital for treatment. i cannot imagine that. the food court smashing against the ceiling. insane. >> i get scared any time there is a ripple in the air. >> absolutely. turning to the weather. i think we made it through the worst so far?
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>> we really did. it will warm up later today. looking at just rainout. not freezing rain. one exception, some of the valleys and northwest of town. but really, i think that is a big exception. let's take a closer look at live super doppler. all the rain moving -- the leading edge, a batch of rain moving into fairfax and the beltway in virginia, up 95 from stafford nor for to the mixing bowl heading out to the north and east. still a few kinks on the screen indicating a chance of a little bit of a mix. in this case possibly a light little blaze -- mainly in the valley. mainly in some of the valley's off to the northwest we could see still a light local clays. i think the issue would be some of the sidewalks and parking lots where i have seen reports of a little bit of ice so far this month. the futurecast, i think it does a good job showing the areas of
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rain and more mike -- widespread. it could be moderate as well through the afternoon. then i around dinnertime tonight, we could see just a little sprinkle or been light showers. for the most part, the rain will be over with later on closer to dinner. temperatures are very interesting. 34 at dulles, 36 at reagan natural, 36 and culpeper, still on the pool side all around our metro area. just look off to the west -- charleston, 60 degrees. nasville 59, ashville, 39. the cold air from the weekend its wedge to appalachian and it takes quite a wind to push it out. we will get that win that later on. as a warm front, currently down to the south, will push northward and the southerly wind will eventually scour out of
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cool air and we will see high temperatures in the mid 40's. it will be a mild evening and night. tomorrow we will start our the right around 40. what a beautiful tuesday? sunny and in the mid 50's. >> yay. we earned that. thank you. some metro track work this week will cause delays on all five lines. none of it happening during peak travel times. this is part of the ntsb recommended upgrades. red, orange, blue, and green line will all have single tracking mostly after 10:00 p.m. work on the green line will also impact the yellow line especially around mount vernon square. all the details, log onto coming up, celebrity break up. the latest split shaking of hollywood. and later -- >> does join her family. how much she spent a year? >> 50,000. >> you are working two jobs to
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keep up. >> when a little habit becomes a dangerous obsession but one of the daughters contacted us
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>> they year of the dragon is being celebrated today. parades and crowds filled the streets of malaysia, with hundreds of locals and tourists gathering to watch. in thailand chinese descendants and foreigners paid homage to the chinese god of prosperity. the chinese new year is the most important celebration on the chinese calendar.
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this seemingly perfect seven- year marriage between singer seal and model heidi klum is heading to an end. in a statement last night the power couple announced their separation. the couple blames the breakup of growing apart but called the split amicable. they have four children. some toughness to swallow for the district. travel and leisure magazine ranked the d.c. third on the list of the rudest cities in america. a new york and miami came in at number one and two. "travel and leisure clothes " says politics plays a big role in the behavior of washing ton -- washingtonians, and maybe that is why they jumped from the fifth place spot. still ahead, a final oh, i see.
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>> taking another look at the weather. we can look forward to a little warmer temperatures later today? >> yes. if you did not like the dismal conditions the weekend or today, you would like tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. kind of spring-like. almost. in the mid 50's. about 10 degrees above average. wednesday, seasonable temperatures. wednesday -- thursday and friday, the next system. it looks like a rainmaker. thursday on to early friday. there are some signs, by the way, that by the end of the weekend you could see a cool down briefly. >> call is ok. just not drizzle. thank you so much for joining us. we will see you back here
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